Vision & Mission


To assist the Universal Immunization Programme in reaching every child, reducing inequality of coverage and quality, and protecting every eligible child from Vaccine-Preventable Diseases.


To provide an over-reaching framework to energize the Universal Immunization Programme by improving program management, strengthening the institutional ability for greater efficiency and accountability and developing a stronger evidence base for effective policy decision.


ITSU provides support for improving immunization coverage by appraising performances across all states, reviewing the existing central and state governmental processes, and formulating innovative, evidence-based practices and strategies. Its activities include:

  • Augmenting and strengthening the health workforce capacity to deliver routine immunization by organizing learning events and developing capacity-building programs;
  • Supporting evidence-based decision making by developing approaches, tools and data analytics;
  • Strengthening systems and structure for improved surveillance and reporting of Adverse Effects Following Immunization;
  • Developing business models for improved vaccine logistics and delivery;
  • Strengthening the Mother and Child Tracking System;
  • Generating enabling communication for improved awareness and demand for quality services; and
  • Identifying affordable information and communications technology tools for better social mobilization, supply chain management and operations.